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The Untold History Of Healing

In The Untold History of Healing, I take readers on an exciting, expansive journey regardomg the history of medicine from the Stone Age to modern times, explaining that Western medicine has its true origins in the healing lore of Paleolithic hunters and gatherers, herding nomads, and the early sedentary farmers, rather than, as is often assumed, solely in the academic tradition of doctors and pharmacists. 

Nature holds many secrets ready for us: in my books, I share with you what we can learn from the world of plants, what healing powers they hold for us and what connection humankind and nature have. Go on an expedition and expand your knowledge!

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Healing Lyme Disease Naturally
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In Healing Lyme Disease Naturally, I share my own success in overcoming a difficult, sometimes even deadly, disease that is reaching epidemic proportions. When I was diagnosed, I rejected standard treatments because of antibiotic intolerance. Instead, I researched healing systems of various cultures including Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Indian healing practices, homeopathy, and traditional Western herbal lore and discovered the teasel root.

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